Discover the art of distillation

Distillation is an ancestral know-how… It is the story of men and women who developed and refined techniques over time. We are proud to share this heritage with as many people as possible. How? Through our products but also during the guided tour of the distillery. It is a rare experience, lead by Fanny and Jean-Baptiste who will share their knowledge with you. Producing a whisky is synonym of patience and thriving for the quintessence of a product through knowledge and technique.

The distillery equipment was partly financed by the LEADER fund with the aim of promotion the local cultivation of einkorn from Haute-Provence by creating a value chain for the cereal and its co-products.


We set up a craft malting facility to produce our own malt. This contributes to the development of unique and authentic aromas, far from the standardised industrial malting. Our process is simple but needs the repetition of traditional techniques such as stirring the grain by hand to air it during germination. This traditionality allows us to maintain the fundamental link with the raw material.
Also, the characteristics of our malt may vary depending on the season of production. This adds additional aromas and complexity to our whisky.


We use an Orthes column still from 1928. This type of still allows the aroma preservation by its slow and continuous process. Its settings are made carefully by hand. It has a long history that began around the same time as the restoration of the castle. The still has also been restored and we intent to share many more convivial moments around this beautiful machine.


In France, we bene t from an exceptional barrel diversity to choose from for the ageing of our whisky. From an early age, Fanny was involved in the poursuit of aroma complexity, as her father and grand-father both were distillers and winemakers. Thus, Fanny chooses the casks that best match our whisky by looking for aroma balance and harmony. Her knowledge and nose are like a sixth sense that is of great value when determining how the barrel are going to evolve.