The « Notre Dame de la Brune » chapel was closed in the 1980s because of safety reasons following recommendation of the Architect of the Buildings of France (« ABF » organisation). In spite of several maintenance and restoration works, the chapel has been damaged over time.

The paintings in the chapel were made between the 16th and 19th centuries. These paintings are classified as Historical Monuments. These old paintings covering the entire walls of the chapel stand for rare examples and needed to be preserved and shared as a heritage treasure.

The aim of the “Friends of the Château du Barroux” association is to restore this chapel in order to allow the complete opening to the public. These buildings transcend time only because they are alive. Notre-Dame de la Brune invite us to relive and to wonder about the relationship we have with our heritage.

The amount of the overall works of renovation is about 1 to 1.5 million euros. An amount of € 200,000 will be used for emergency work and proper site and paintings security. A second phase of work will be dedicated to the restoration of the oldest paintings.

We are actively looking for any kind of contribution to this project:

  •  Enter the association and, if you want, take administrative responsibility (treasurer, fundraising, communication, management, etc.).
  •  Volunteer activity to keep the chapel alive, organize guided tours with safety rules, etc.
  •  Various donations and sponsorship.

You can contact the association on the website or directly with the email address


As part of the first phase of the restoration project, general studies will take place in the first half of 2022. These studies focus on the paintings, furniture and structure of the building. They are the essential prerequisite for the work. The contributors who support us technically and financially during this first phase are presented below:

  • Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs PACA: grant.
  • Departmental Council of Vaucluse: grant.
  • Emile Garcin – French luxury real estate: patronage.