“These Marvelous Stone Monsters
and Their Curious Inventors”

Come and discover some of the most beautiful regional fossils from Luc Ebbo’s collection, paired with works by wildlife painter Sandrot, in a breathtaking exhibition: hunting scenes between marine reptiles, a 12-meter-long wall showcasing over 300 ammonites, life-sized paintings of these animals from another time… a poetic dive to experience within the castle for an unforgettable adventure!

LUC EBBO                    SANDROT


Born in Saint André les Alpes in 1976, Luc EBBO became interested in uncoiled ammonites at the age of six and has dedicated his life to them ever since.

A schoolteacher by profession, Luc transitioned to full-time paleontology in 2006. He increasingly devoted time to research and, above all, to the meticulous cleaning of his discoveries in the workshop, often spending thousands of hours over several years on a single specimen.

Over the years, his collection has become one of the most significant in Europe, both in terms of the number and rarity of the specimens it comprises, including numerous new species.

Above all, Luc has pioneered new museographic approaches through complex and unprecedented preparations for scientific objects. This marked the birth of the “marine cemeteries,” intricate stone laceworks revealing true works of Nature’s art, previously hidden within the rocks.

In 2010, Luc began a new collection theme supported by an innovative method: the search for remains of large vertebrates. Despite their impressive size, these fossils remain the most challenging to discover.

The entirety of this vertebrate collection now holds significant scientific potential, as most of the fossils it comprises are endemic to the Vocontian Basin and have never been described before. The large number of discoveries—nearly a hundred vertebrate remains—now allows for the observation of their evolution over approximately thirty million years.