In 2020, we decided to make this castle the home of our personal and professional projects. We imagined how to develop it and integrate it with our passions: heritage and conviviality.
We wanted to o er everyone the opportunity to discover the history of the place by opening it to the public. In addition, we created a craft whisky distillery, symbol of sharing, conviviality and spirituality.

For the distillery to work, it needs raw material to begin with, luckily there is plenty in Provence! We always had a strong bond to nature and it is a great source of inspiration. Fanny grew up surrounded by vines and re-discovered her love of terroir through the creation of our whisky. Our whisky is the perfect representation of terroir as it is made with a local cereal: the einkorn.

We decided to develop our whisky with this local cereal, in partnership with the union “Petit Épeautre de Haute Provence” to guarantee the traceability of the raw material and taste quality of the end product. This aim is also to encourage the production of the einkorn allowing to develop poor soils while preserving biodiversity.


By tasting our whisky, you contribute to the preservation of 8 square meters of a healthy soil. Why? Because we only use products growing following the principles of organic farming. Indeed, the farms that grow our products work in the most natural way possible, without pesticides for example. In addition, we source our cereal in a radius of 50 kilometres around the distillery,
following the specifications of thePetit Épeautre de Haute Provence Protected Geographic Indication..


Fonction : Œnologue – Master Blender
Vintage : 1988
Likes : When a successful blend becomes the addition 1 + 1 = 3
Disikes : Hypocrite dishes with a attering dressing and delightful smell but a disappointing taste

Her motto : « Life is not waiting for storms to pass, it is learning how to dance in the rain.» – Seneca


Function : Distiller
Vintage : 1988
Likes : Original pebbles and stones, a nice bottle to share
Dislikes : Fermentations that stop
His motto : Men are so insane that it would be crazy not to be insane.


Fonction : Development manager.
Vintage : Out of age.
Likes : Long summer evenings with friends in the garden.
Dislikes : The transition to winter time.
Her motto : The joy of living is a contagious emotion. Let’s take advantage.